(w. White Rice)
75. Roast Pork w. Broccoli
76. Roast Pork w. Mushrooms
spicy 78. Roast Pork w. Garlic Sauce
78a. Double Sauteed Pork

Sushi rolls

Available 430-8pm while supply lasts
S1. California Roll
Crab stick, avocado and cucumber, wrapped inside of rice and sesame seed.
S2. Philadelphia roll
Smoked salmon avacado cream cheese
S3. Spicy crabmeat roll
Spicy mayo crabmeat Sriracha and masago
S5. Spicy crab n Philly roll
S6. Cali and phili roll
S7. Cali and spicy crab roll
S8. 2 California rolls
S9. 2 spicy crabmeat roll
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